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Pièce pour table no.2

New composition

Chloé Bieri


Next 18.04.2023: Gare du Nord Basel by Chloé Bieri

9.01.2022 : First, performed by Andrea Zamengo Traffic Bern 

3.06.2022: 100 ans IGNM Bern, Dampfzentrale by Chloé Bieri

The first was performed by Andrea Zamengo

The second was performed by Chloé Bieri

Sound programmation: Andrea Zamengo

Outside look:  Stanislas Pili

"Gala” pièce pour table no.2, for a solo performer, live electronics, objects, vinyl and a glass.


She or he has been invited to a gala evening. It's a great opportunity for her career, there will be a lot of influential people there. Who knows, maybe through this evening she will get the role of her.his life!"

Special thanks to Andrea Zamengo and Stanislas Pili for their investment in this piece and for everything they did to make it happen. 

Thank also to the bakery "Clément" for creating these sugar glasses on request. 

For all score requests, you can send an email here:

First performed by Andrea Zamengo: 9.01.2022 Traffic Bern

Performed by Chloé Bieri, 3.06.2022 100 ans IGNM Bern Dampfzentrale

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