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Ardenti Administrationem 

Pièce pour table no.4

Drame de chambre for two performers but 4 characters, tape recorder, cd player,  paper, electroacoustic devices, objects, ringtones, synthesizers, glockenspiel, fog machine, confetti and light


Composition of Chloé Bieri commissioned by Wespoke : Julien Annoni and Julien Mégroz , 2023

First concept born in 2021 with 4 performers with Ensemble Vortex, Composer's next generation 


‘Sound atmospheres, telephone calls, ringing tones, an overloaded office, a room in the middle of the city, a restaurant terrace? The unquenched need for information inside a labyrinth of non-answers strewn with infinite pitfalls. These scenes are taken from everyday situations and used as readymades for the composition.


During the piece, the performers play 2 characters each, the change of character being marked by a change of side on themselves. 
They activate a series of sounds and objects in counterpoint to their vocal parts. The work is inspired by the work of noisemakers in silent films and the Hörspiel. The piece is freely inspired by Asterix and Obelix's La maison des fous and by a personal experience with the administration. 

The piece is regularly interrupted by music on the wait. The waiting music is a variation on Chloé's pop song ‘Baiser Brûlant’. 



Direction, composition, concept: Chloé Bieri

Performer at Gare du Nord by Wespoke :Julien Annoni, Julien Mégroz

Performer at HSLU by Duo Romanesco: Romane Bouffioux, Corentin Barro

For score requests, send an email:


23.03.23 Gare du Nord Basel

28.08.24 HSLU Luzern


Romanesco Romane Bouffioux Corentin Barro, crédit Erwin Fonseca

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