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“Personne ne ramasse ma langue” 

Schoss Company

By and with Lisa Tatin et Simona Gallo

Two-voice incantation in the form of a free wandering performance

“Personne ne ramasse ma langue” is a project by Lisa Tatin and Simona Gallo of Schoss Company. 
This performance is a two-voice incantation in the form of a wandering performance led by singers/performers Chloé Bieri and Lisa Tatin. Set against a backdrop of light and video, the two singers stage and set to music the poetic texts of committed female authors: Lisette Lombé, Laura Vazquez, Stéphanie Vovor, Cécile Coulon.

Concept · Lisa Tatin, Simona Gallo by Schoss Company
Voix / performance / composition · Chloé Bieri, Lisa Tatin
Video light design / live electronics · Simona Gallo
Electronique · Dionysios Papanicolaou, Chloé Bieri, Till Lingenberg
Textes · Laura Vazquez, Lisette Lombé, Cécile Coulon, Stéphanie Vovor, Kae Tempest
Artiste textile · Mélanie Vincensini

Production: Schoß Company

Diffusion: Emilien Rossier - oh la la performing arts production


12-13 april 2024 Fondation Opale Lens


2.05.24 Gare du Nord Basel

16-18.08.2024 Festival Kaleidoscope, Romainmôtier

31.08.2024 Ferme Asile, Sion




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